Skyline Technologies is a Wisconsin-based IT firm that provides business solutions and services to companies around the world. Their success and growth is based on “credible people delivering credible solutions and incredible results.”

Our De Pere team, with the local Design firm, Performa, co-created work settings quickly and efficiently, inspired by the stated client desire for solutions that were high-tech, yet simple and fun.

The firm’s continued success depends on an atmosphere that will attract and retain the best and brightest in an industry that thrives on contemporary trends and constantly shifting technologies. They described their previous environment as professional but stuffy and wanted something that better conveyed their brand and personality.

They are now proud to invite clients into an office space that is innovative and creative. One that promotes collaboration and shows off their personality in a professional way. They are trendy in every good sense of the word.

Location: Green Bay WI


Architect: Performa

Date Completed: 05/01/2012

Square Footage:

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