Implementation of a “One Stop Enrollment” concept drove the renovation of the Phoenix College Hannelly Student Center, which included an addition and complete remodel of the existing Student Center and remodel of the current Learning Center Building into a Student Union with an exterior patio.

The architect, RNL Design, was able to incorporate 1920s era brickwork, ceiling beams, and previously sealed windows uncovered during demo for the project. To support these design elements, finishes were selected to further enhance the school’s history, including a custom blue paint from Steelcase to match Phoenix College’s school colors.

We provided furnishings for study areas, club and meeting spaces, dining areas, self-serve computer stations and multi-purpose areas, as well as offices for the dean, student advisement, administration and staff. Incorporating media:scape, media:lounge, whiteboards and comfortable seating encourages social interaction between students and staff in a warm, friendly and high tech environment.

Location: Phoenix, AZ


Architect: RNL Design

Date Completed:

Square Footage:

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