We were approached by the University of Wisconsin facilities team to create separation between the student area and administrative offices of the Multicultural Student Center, while also adding more security for the administrative staff and giving them the ability to manage power and technology within a very old building. The Multicultural Student Center is housed in a second floor space in the Red Gym that includes huge steel beams, high ceilings, and an old wooden gym floor. Introducing modern modular walls into this space meant that the walls had to blend with the original architecture. We partnered with Steelcase to create special paint and incorporate muntins into the glass walls that match the color and spacing of window walls previously built in the space.

The “Red Gym” was coined due to the building’s resemblance to a red brick castle, and its designation as a gymnasium. From the University of Wisconsin website:

“The Red Gym is a registered National Historic Landmark. It was built in 1894 at a cost of $127,000 and its original purpose was as a military training facility as well as an athletic and student activity center. Basketball games were played on the second floor of the Red Gym until the Field House opened in 1930.”

Location: Madison, WI

Photographer: Dale Hall

Architect: Kerry Hillard, UW Facilities

Date Completed: 02/04/2014

Square Footage:

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