Longtime Madison marketing firm Lindsay, Stone & Briggs has moved into its new, “open studio” offices on the Capitol Square, and launched an experiment in boosting creativity through radically re-engineered work spaces.

The LSB environment showcases an abundance of natural light and creativity, full of areas for formal and informal interaction. Employees enjoy spaces that support quiet reflection, celebrations, brainstorming, presentations and private work.

A gleaming bank of floor-to-ceiling windows, offering expansive views of the lake and the Capitol, provide the wow factor. “We’re in the business of inspiration,” said Bill Winchester, chief creative director and an executive vice president at LSB. “The vibe of this (new space) is very much upscale.”

Location: Madison, WI

Photographer: Mike Rebholz

Architect: Valerio DeWalt

Date Completed: 10/24/2011

Square Footage:

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